Malcolm Muggeridge Society

This international Society provides a focus of contact and information for the many people worldwide who have a continuing interest in the life of Malcolm Muggeridge 1903-1990: journalist, author, broadcaster, soldier-spy and Christian apologist.

 The Aims of the Society are:

    To provide information for those researching the life and work of Malcolm Muggeridge.

  •    To keep his writings in print and to encourage the publication of new critiques and scholarship.
  •  To assist authors wishing to quote in publications from the writing of Malcolm Muggeridge
  •   To provide a fellowship and virtual forum internationally for admirers to discuss Muggeridge’s work.
  •  To publish a regular newsletter or magazine, and to work with publishers to facilitate republication of his
    books and publication of unpublished 
  •   To maintain a relationship with those media organisations holding archive material worthy of preservation
    and re-broadcast.
  •   To provide and encourage linkage with other societies and associations where mutual interest exists  (PG Wodehouse Society, GK Chesterton Society, CS Lewis Society, Ukraine Society etc)
  •  To increase awareness of the papers, writings and memorabilia held in the Malcolm Muggeridge Collection at Wheaton   College, Illinois and at other places of learning and available for reearch purposes.
  •  To provide a web presence with linkages and a sharing of information.
  •  To organise periodical social and literary events.

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Chronicles of Wasted Time
published by Regent College Publishing
For the first time since Muggeridge's death, his much acclaimed autobiography is once again available as a new combined book, comprising Vol 1 The Green Stick, Volume 2 The Infernal Grove and Volume 3 The Right Eye (uncompleted and not previously published).
Purchase through or through the Society. 
Seeing Through The Eye - Malcolm Muggeridge on Faith
(ed Cecil Kuhne) Published Dec 2005 by Ignatius Press

Malcolm Muggeridge - a biography by Gregory Wolfe

The Very Best of Malcolm Muggeridge (ed Ian Hunter)
Conversion: The Spiritual Journey of a 20th Century Pilgrim by Malcolm Muggeridge ( republished through The Malcolm Muggeridge Society)
For further details please contact

ARE YOU INTERNET SAVVY Could you develop this website making it a one stop resource for all those world-wide interested in the fascinating and inspirational life of Malcolm Muggeridge?   We are looking for a volunteer (must be a member) with the skills, interest and time to run the Society website,  providing extracts and quotations of Muggeridge's work and giving a comprehensive set of  links to all Malcolm Muggeridge material elsewhere on the internet.

If interested please contact the Secretary of the Society at


Useful Resources: Centenary Events, Broadcasts, & Links




Loose Ends with Ned Sherrin (requires RealPlayer)
(Originally broadcast: Saturday March 22, 2003
BBC Radio 4)

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. Saint Mugg.
The American Spectator, March/April 2003.

(Originally broadcast: Monday March 24, 2003
BBC Radio

Christopher Hitchens. "A Hundred Years of Muggery:
the life and times of Malcolm Muggeridge"
(a review of
Malcolm Muggeridge: a biography by Gregory Wolfe).
The Weekly Standard.


How Does One Find Faith
Firing Line
, recorded
September 6, 1980
(edited transcript)

In Praise of Malcolm Muggeridge
a poem by Jeanne Murray Walker




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 Sir David Frost

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